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Customer Testimony

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A Florida resident in no way affiliated with our company installed, tested and fell in love with our lights here's why.

Our customer used 2 premium Boat Kits to light up the center of his pontoon boat. Afterwords he was so thrilled with the results he sent us these quick cell phone pictures. 

Please note that cameras have a hard time picking up the correct intensity of our lights. You will notice even though the L.E.D. lighting is the same different pictures will show different hues of green and different intensity depending on the amount of ambient light around and on the angle the camera is facing the light.  The photocell sensor on different cameras also makes a huge impact on the look of the lights in photos. With that said these photos are not acurate representation of our lights and their light output.

After the install he was eager to test....

So what does thousands of pieces of bait look like on a depth finder????

1st Class Tackle; Your one stop L.E.D. Super Shop!!!

Advertising Videos are done!!!

Even through the work of completely redesigning our kit, testing the kit, starting a new website and increasing inventory we still managed to finish the first run of advertising videos.We hope your sitting down because these lights will blow you away.Product Line UpKayak Video 1st Class Tackle"Fish with the Best"

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Developing the 2015 Product Line Up

The test results are in and they are good.  Our newly redesigned lights for the 2015 fishing season are the longest, brightest, most affordable lights on the market.  Again!!!Our new Power Savor Lights on an Ocean Kayak. 2400 LumensWe run these lights all night long on a simple 12V 12 Amp Deer Feeder Battery. Not [...]

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Enjoying the success

Enjoying The SuccessWe spent several months testing and enjoying our hard work.We wanted to be absolutely sure we had developed the best product possible.We are sure...

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Getting Some Press

Getting Some PressIts funny how things work. When you start catching lots of fish people take notice. During our initial testing we were lucky enough to have LSON (Lone Star Outdoor News) Run a story entitled green is good which featured our input and light design as well as one of our test boats. The article asked us [...]

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Lights for Kayak's

Adapting our kit for todays kayakerWith the success of the boat lights firmly under our belt we decided it was time to adapt the kit to fit kayaks as well.  The results look amazing!!!Here are some images of the ligths installedMake sure you notice the addition of our optional amber lap lights which help with tying knots [...]

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Developing the Light Kit

 Developing the Light KitIt all started easy enough back in 2012. We wanted an affordable cutting edge L.E.D. Fishing Light system for our personal boats. After reviewing the most popular companies we realized that the market was saturated with over priced options selling little more then L.E.D. light kits packed with fancy advertising. It was with this knowledge that [...]

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