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Developing the 2015 Product Line Up


The test results are in and they are good.  Our newly redesigned lights for the 2015 fishing season are the longest, brightest, most affordable lights on the market.  Again!!!

Our new Power Savor Lights on an Ocean Kayak. 2400 Lumens

We run these lights all night long on a simple 12V 12 Amp Deer Feeder Battery. Not for two hours or six hours but from sun down to sun up.  We even have enough power left over to use our fish finder. 

Our Ultra Bright Lights on a Jon Boat. 9600 Lumens

Notice the extreme intensity of the light ensuring deep penetration through the water. 

We then completed the Jon Boats development with our Nav Lights and Amber Interior Lap Lights.

We finished the boat off with a wireless remote and dimmer to control the L.E.D.'s.

We also used one single Ultra Bright strip to light up a dock on our test lake.

It wasn't long before the bait showed up.

Then the fish showed up.

Utilizing the latest and greatest L.E.D. technology available has paid off again. 

1st Class Tackle

"Fish with the Best!!! 



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