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Customer Catches

Customer Catches

Bobby Walsh

Sand Shark

Caught on 120lb Premium Leader

Bob Hall Pier, North Carolina






Lance Suggs

San Antonio, TX

Flat Head Catfish

Upper Guadalupe River

Using our free lining rig and a live minnow in the current seemed to be the trick to catch this flatty.





Adrian Garza

South Texas

Caught with 80lb Salt Water Mono No Roll Rig

Adrian Garza has been coming back time and time agian for both our gar rigs and our saltwater rigs.







Northern Pike

60lb Quick Strike Rig

We dont have much info on this next catch.  All we were able to gather was that the rig was our 60lb steel quick strike rig and the fish was caught in a lake very close to Canada but in American waters.  Eitherway its a 1st Class Fish for sure.







Red Fish

Lake Calaveras, Texas

75lb Mono No Roll Rig & 75lb Snelled circle hook.

This photo was taken not but 30 minutes after this fisherman decided to try our tackle.  After several hours with his usual rig he tied on one of our 75lb mono no roll rigs with one of our snelled circle hooks and less then a half hour later this was the result.





The Johnson Family

Custom 3 foot 20lb Mono Leaders

Yellow Perch, Pike and Walleye

The Johnson Family contacted us with very specific needs and we were more then happy to help them get the tackle they needed to get on the fish.  The trip was such a success they sent us these pictures afterwords as their way of saying thanks.








We love to hear from our customers please dont hesitate to send us your images and success stories.


Tight Lines!!!



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